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Today’s Burial & Cremation Plans… Will Affect My Family’s Future Visits

In making your Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery arrangements, deciding between funeral and cremation is one of the first decisions our families make when considering their early arrangements. This decision will ultimately influence other future decisions and memorial visits as well such as where to bury or have the memorial service?
It’s important to remember to plan for the permanent placement of your loved one. By way of casket or urn – placement in a cemetery garden, like our Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery’s location, can be helpful for many reasons:

  • A permanent Los Angeles located site gives loved ones a physical place for visitation and reflection. (located near Freeways 10, 110, and 5 interjection)
  • The ceremony accompanying the placement of a casket or urn provides family and friends with closure after the loss of a loved one.
  • When cremation, ashes of a loved one are kept with relatives, they can easily become misplaced or discarded through the years, as future generations may not feel a connection to the deceased.
  • A permanent placement provides future generations with a location to visit when researching heritage.
If a funeral or cremation is your choice or the choice of your loved one, you have many service options when you Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery. Our caring professionals will gladly work with you to plan services that fulfill your wishes and honor your life or the life of your loved one.




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